Our Process

Our Process

Our process starts with understanding your vision and what you want to achieve.

1. Your Brief

Whether you are a developer, architect, planner, or client, we work with you to understand the brief, budget, deadlines and timing of your resource consent lodgement.

Once these are identified and confirmed, we produce a fee proposal, where all of these elements are recorded for you to accept.

2. Our Expertise

Before we get started on your landscape design, we advise you and help you find solutions that will both meet your brief and the requirements of your local authority.

Your landscape design aspects may also heavily rely on the understanding of cultural or significant historical considerations, or even the aspirations of the individual. 

3. Your Landscape Design

Once we’ve taken into account all of the considerations, we get started on your landscape designs.

Your landscape plans are created from a good understanding of your architectural drawings, buildings and neighbouring structures – whether it be commercial or residential – and how they fit into an urban context and or community.

And, planning is always required where the urban context meets the natural environment.

Planting selections are based on incorporating aesthetic design elements and creating sustainability, including identifying and allocating endemic vegetation to the plans.

We are very passionate about the environment, and take on the responsibility to protect  and enhance it.

Overall, you’ll receive a sustainable and stunning landscape design that matches your brief and ticks all of the council’s boxes.