About Us

About Us

Passionate about landscape design, our process starts with understanding your vision and what you want to achieve.

Monika Olson Design works with planners, architects, developers, and individuals to produce amazing designs for residential and commercial developments, as well as general landscape designs for residential houses.

To us, landscape design is not just about plants, but the whole environment and making it flow and connect. So, we look at every project holistically and create designs that complement existing features, architecture, and the area.

Practical and resilient, as well as stunning, our landscape designs are delivered within your timeframe and budget. And, with over 14 years of experience designing landscapes and consulting on residential and commercial projects throughout Auckland and Northland, our resource consent designs are aimed at getting approved, the first time.

Whether your project is big or small, or you’re working from ground zero, we can help you create an environment people will love spending time in.

Monika’s Story

Coming from a background of designers, engineers, and architects, it was no surprise that Monika started as a graphic designer for a London architectural firm.

Monika Olson - Landscape DesignerIntroduced to landscape design through her husband’s business, she used her graphic design skills to put his presentations together. Having always had a love of gardening and finding the work fascinating, Monika got more and more involved in the business. Inspired by the landscapes and architecture she was surrounded by in Kew Gardens, medieval castles, and beautiful public spaces – both in London and the Czech Republic – she joined the business as a landscape designer and produced her first landscape design in 2002.

Moving to New Zealand in 2006, Monika started co-running the family design and landscaping business, Olson Landscapes with her husband. Starting to do more commercial landscape design jobs, in 2018 she decided to split Monika Olson Design off as a specialist brand focusing on commercial (resource consent) work.

When it comes to landscape design, it’s up to her that standards are kept, and she’s passionate about sustainability and the responsibility of making sure New Zealand stays beautiful for future generations.